Supper Series

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Dining Experience.

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Supper Series

Suppers are adventurous dining experiences designed to create an evening you’ll treasure for a lifetime. The anticipation that surrounds this experience builds up from the moment you purchase a ticket, knowing only a date and the closest major city to where we’ll set the table. The next hint comes two months before the Supper, when we’ll share the nearest town to help you plan a possible overnight stay or a full-blown weekend getaway. At last, 24 hours before our gathering starts, you will receive coordinates to the Supper location. The menu and bespoke details will remain a secret until we welcome you at the table.

When the time to gather finally arrives, a group of 50 other guests from around the world will join in as for a special evening in a breathtaking setting. For a few hours, you'll enjoy a five-course menu inspired by the location and the season, while sipping impeccably paired drinks. As the evening unfolds, you’ll cherish memorable flavors, conversation with new friends, and the tranquil sounds of nature.

Before parting, we’ll raise a glass in gratitude for such special moments in which we slow down to celebrate life together, with intention.

Unique Surroundings

Supper locations are meticulously selected and styled to transform naturally beautiful surroundings into spectacular dinner settings. We search near and far for one-of-a-kind places that provide an extraordinary frame; spaces that embrace nature and are cared for by people that share our passion for bringing others together. The feeling of ease shared around the table is the result of intentional choices. Every design element serves a purpose in order to thoughtfully enhance the dining experience and create visually inspiring stories.

Inspired Menus

To offer our guests the best culinary experience, our partner chefs create menus that are rooted in sustainably sourced local and seasonal ingredients. Each Supper is a feast that celebrates the land, represents the local culture and the hands that make it possible to bring such food to the table. Mouthwatering dishes and enticing beverages, musings of the makers.

World Class Chefs

Exceptionally talented and unwaveringly passionate souls in the kitchen, our partner chefs are committed to honoring the land, celebrating the seasons, and favoring an astonishing experience all around.

The chefs we partner with are not only purveyors of wholesome foods and magic ingredients that they transform into feasts for the senses, they also cherish an immersive experience and they believe in the value of stories. As such, they are elated to be part of a moment in time that you’ll remember for years to come.

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“What a great experience, can’t wait to dine with you again! Thank you to all the staff, chefs, the hosts, your partners and all of the guests we had the pleasure of speaking with and sharing this fabulous time.”
“Such an amazing memory. The food, flowers and people were outstanding. Great memories!”
‍Portland, Oregon

Past Suppers

Discover some of our favorite long table gatherings and daydream with us about the next adventure.

ORIGEN: Jalisco, Mexico

Our nearly five-month adventure creating inspiring dining experiences in partnership with Patrón Tequila started back in early July. Full of anticipation, our team visited Hacienda Patrón…

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OAK: New Orleans, Louisiana

Is it time to go back to New Orleans yet? Yes, our Supper in the Big Easy was that special! Well into the Fall, we made it to Louisiana quite excited to experience the unparalleled hospitality…

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HIVE: Monterey, California

It felt so good to be back in California for the fourth dinner of the Secret Supper-Roca Patrón Series, after all, we are biased to the West Coast! The day before the Supper, after doing a site…

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