What are your Suppers like and why is it a Secret?

Through our Supper Series, we create thoughtful, once in a lifetime dining experiences where only a general location is provided when ticket are released. Only 24 hours prior to the Supper, the address is disclosed, while the menu and other details remain a secret.

Supper locations are distinct and meticulously styled to transform naturally beautiful surroundings into breathtaking dinner settings. For a few hours, guests enjoy a slow-paced dinner featuring a menu inspired by the location and the season, while sipping impeccably paired beverages. As the evening unfolds, guests cherish memorable flavors and conversation with newfound friends.

How many guests do you host at each Supper?

We host between 50 and 60 guests.

How much is a ticket to a Supper?

Tickets price starts at $199 and varies depending on each location.

What does a ticket include?

Ticket includes a 5 course meal and paired alcoholic beverages.

Do you share the menu before the Supper?

We do not disclose menus for future Suppers. For an idea of what to expect, visit our Suppers page for a recap of past Suppers.

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions/food allergies?

A vegetarian option is usually available at all of our Suppers, we will note that on the tickets page of our website when tickets sales are open. We try to accommodate food allergies, however we encourage you to email us any questions to hello@oursecretsupper.com, before purchasing tickets.  

Do you accept cancellations?

All tickets are non-refundable. However, tickets can be transferred to family or friends, please notify us promptly.

Will I need to book accommodations?

Our Suppers are usually held up to 2 hours from the nearest major city. Given that we serve alcohol at our dinners, we highly encourage guests to book accommodations nearby. We share the name of the nearest town--with ticketed guests only-- 4 weeks prior to the dinner, to help plan overnight stays.

When do you release tickets for future Suppers?

We don’t follow a strict schedule for ticket release. We always open ticket sales to our mailing list first,  any remaining tickets are then released to the public via our Instagram feed and our website.

If you’re interested in learning about our next destination, we highly suggest you subscribe to our mailing list!

Where do you host Suppers?

We’ve hosted Suppers in Oregon, Washington, California, and New York. We’re soon going to Hawaii, and we’ll be adding more new and exciting destinations but right now, it’s a secret!

Are your Suppers always outdoors?

Not necessarily, we do host a Suppers primarily outdoors, but it really depends on the experience we create. Sometimes there are stunning indoor locations that are just hard to pass on.

What happens if it rains?

We keep a close eye on the weather forecast during the days leading up to the Supper, and in case of possible inclement weather, we always have a backup plan. On the off chance that there is an imminent weather advisory in the area where the Supper will be held, making it unsafe for most guests to travel to location, we will let everyone know as soon as possible.

Is there a dress code for the Suppers?

When we send out details about the dinner to ticketed guests, we include tips on what to wear. Often times we’re walking up a hill, on unpaved roads to reach the table, so we always advise guests to wear comfortable shoes. We also suggest guests bring a blanket or warm jacket, as dinners run until after sunset and in remote locations it can get fairly chilly towards the end of the evening.

Do you have a waitlist for sold out Suppers?

Currently, we do not keep a waitlist for sold out events, as it is unlikely that spots become available. If you’re interested in attending an event but tickets are not available on our website, contact us at hello@oursecretsupper.com on the week leading up to the Supper and we’ll let you know if there are any openings.

Where do I send all my ideas on new locations and partnerships?

We love new ideas! Please send us an email at hello@oursecretsupper.com

How do I join your team?

We are so flattered! Please email us at hello@oursecretsupper.com and we’ll get back to you when we have an opening that fits your interests and skills!

Unanswered question? Please email us at hello@oursecretsupper.com, we’d love to chat!