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An Immersive Travel Experience

Culinary Pursuit is an immersive multi-day culinary excursion designed to be a holiday like you’ve never experienced before. Just as we do with our Suppers, the Culinary Pursuit details and special touches remain a secret until you join us. Before ticket purchase, you'll be provided with dates, lodging information and a few select details of what’s in store. The detailed itinerary and bespoke elements surrounding the exclusive experience will be shared upon your arrival.

The Culinary Pursuit will commence as you join a group of 10 to 15 like-minded travelers from around the world on a journey to intimately explore the treasures and history that shape the distinct culinary identity of our destination. Through exclusive behind the scenes tours, unique gatherings and epic meals, you’ll uncover the gastronomic and cultural intricacies of our incredible surroundings.

Before we part, in appreciation for the many joys we find in food and travel, we’ll toast to the lifelong memories made through this breathtaking exploration.

Remarkable Destinations

Culinary Pursuit is a venture to places with deep culinary roots that provide an extraordinary opportunity for an authentic, slow-living experience that expands our thinking and fosters human connection. We target culinary rich destinations because we believe food is a powerful thread that brings us closer to each other, despite our differences. It opens a window to see the humanity in others.

Think of a stroll through a hundreds year old olive grove, a visit to one of the world’s first balsamico artisans, in Modena; or a toast with the world’s best Champagne, under a three in a small village in northeastern France.

Our first Culinary Pursuit will take place in the gastronomic mecca of Emilia-Romagna. We are excited to share this adventure with you, once it is safe to travel internationally. In the meantime, if you have any questions about this experience, please contact us.

Inspired Itineraries

Each Culinary Pursuit features an itinerary filled with unforgettable experiences that stray from the beaten path. Together, we will dig deep to uncover the gastronomic and cultural intricacies of the region through exclusive tours, memorable gatherings and epic meals designed to celebrate the richness of our destination. We'll spend time meeting the people behind iconic culinary products and places through in-depth visits, all while enjoying local flavors through food and drinks prepared and presented by incredible local artisans.

The essence of the Culinary Pursuit experience is our team of local partners who are committed to sharing the history and traditions of the region they love and call home. An amazing lineup of local guides and makers, thrilled to enable exclusive experiences we could only dream of without their support, will ensure we step into the locals' world everywhere we go.

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