Secret Supper began with a dream to bring people together in an incredible setting, around a table filled with earthy food, great wine, and endless conversation.

Fascinated by the impact of our Supper Series, we are on a mission to expand the ways in which we inspire and engage our audience. At our table, during our workshops, and through our content, we inspire people worldwide to share the magic of intentional living.

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the founders

Grounded in their friendship and their passion for sustainable foods and community, inspired by travel, and driven by an overwhelming energy to create and share with others, Danielle Firle and Eva Kosmas Flores are the creative minds behind Secret Supper.


Danielle is Secret Supper’s Creative Director. Her focus is on developing innovative and compelling content and experiences and driving brand direction.

She’s an accredited wine expert and owner of Tendue, an award-winning event space located in Portland, OR.


Eva captures the incredible images that launched the brand and show the magic at the table during each Supper.

She’s the mastermind behind the popular blog, Adventures in Cooking and has written, styled, and photographed two cookbooks: Adventures in Chicken and Adventures in Cooking.

A little history

We started Secret Supper in the summer of 2015 with a desire to bring people together around great food and wine in stunning and unique locations. We have always believed that there is something so elegant and intimate about sharing a thoughtful meal and experience together. It’s a snapshot in time, an experience that will only happen once and we take that to heart when we intentionally plan each dinner experience. 

Our first few suppers in 2015, we started small with about 25-35 guests and did everything ourselves, including the cooking. Starting in 2016, we felt as though we needed to step up our game and starting partnering with our new friends, Jaret Foster and Mona Johnson of Tournant. Mona and Jaret are classically trained chefs with an approach to food that reflects a sense of place and seasonality. They are known for their emphasis on live-fire cooking, which we love for our suppers as it connects with our guests in a way cooking behind the scenes can’t. Partnering with Tournant for the food allowed us to grow and travel to more remote, elaborate and unexpected places and allowed us to be able to concentrate more on guest experience and the visual aspects of the suppers. We are so blessed to have Tournant as our friends and chef partners for our Oregon based suppers! 

In the spring of 2018, we launched our blog on intentional living experiences with the desire to inspire you to gather intentional and explore your surroundings with resources to savor good find, enjoy great wine, explore the world and cultures around you and appreciate a dreamy table. We also traveled outside of the Pacific Northwest to Sonoma, CA with Tournant and to Long Island, NY and partnered with NYC-based chef, Jodi Moreno of What’s Cooking Good Looking and partnered with Seattle-based chef, Ashley Rodriguez of Not Without Salt for an epic picnic event for Portland’s premier food festival, Feast

2019 is shaping up to be a fantastic year full of travel, fantastic food and amazing chef partnerships. We can’t wait to have you around our table soon!