We'd love to share our purpose with you

Our Vision

Secret Supper began with a dream to bring people together around a table filled with earthy food, great wine, and endless conversation. Through these experiences, we’ve found our passion to inspire intentional living.

To explore our different ways of life through meaningful culinary and travel experiences that unearth and celebrate the common threads among us all.

To rediscover the beauty in the everyday and pinpoint the extraordinary in the routine, allowing ourselves to be inspired by the way we live. To get lost in the complexities of the many things we take for granted, and find the common ground that connects us all, what helps us feel alive.

Our Story

We have always believed that sharing a thoughtful meal is something to be treasured. An intimate experience that allows for real connection, and a space where countless memories are built and cherished.

We started Secret Supper® in the summer of 2015, with a desire to bring people together around great food and wine in stunning and unique locations.

We can't wait for you to join our table!

Giving Back

Now more than ever we feel compelled to action in support of sustainable and ethical practices that help those in need. With this in mind,  we are thrilled to feature Food for Soul as our official Impact Partner for 2021! Through direct financial contributions and by creating ongoing awareness for the amazing work they do,  we will  support their mission to strengthen community resilience, open opportunities for social and economic mobility and build healthier and more equitable food systems.

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Our Team

Danielle Firle

Danielle leads creative direction for our experiences, she is the mastermind behind every bespoke details at any of our experiences. As a wine expert, she also creates all wine pairings for our events.

Her favorite culinary destination: Rome, Italy.

Jacob Firle
Partnership Manager

Jacob shares our purpose everywhere he goes. He loves creating new long-lasting relationships and taking good care of our partners. He also oversees project management for our experiences.

His favorite culinary destination: Vis, Croatia.

Alba Betancourt
Brand Manager

Alba curates our content and makes sure it all aligns with the brand as we know it. She also manages all e-mail communication with guests at our different experiences.

Her favorite culinary destination: Mexico City

Stephanie Duong
Project Manager

Stephanie manages logistics and vendor relationships for our experiences and plans travel for the team! 

Her favorite culinary destination:  Hanoi, Vietnam

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