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Well, New Mexico was a dream; indeed, the Land of Enchantment.

Santa Fe was the fourth stop on the Secret Supper-Roca Patrón Series, and it was beyond memorable! Halfway through the series, we set foot on one of the most magical landscapes we could have ever imagined. A stark contrast from our neck of the woods and the perfect backdrop to a fantastic evening.

We got situated at an Airbnb, 15 min from the Supper location, the perfect little spot to take in the surroundings and prepare for a dining experience in the hills. The days preceding the Supper were—as always—full of activity, between us getting acquainted with the area and trying our best to have all the good food and chat with all the good people!

The morning of October 12 came about and—with much anticipation—we arrived in Cerrillos, New Mexico, past the state park limits, to the oldest metal mine registered in North America. We set our table—understated, almost blending in with the vegetation and the tones of gold and dusky green—smack in the middle of a terrain that would later see the sun set behind the hills and the moon rise slowly to the east! The view of all views—you needed to be there to feel it.

Later that morning, chef Fernando Olea of Sazon and mixologist Carla Gilfillan and their teams arrived at Cerrillos and set up their stations in the middle of the desert and after a few hours of set up, all of us in the field were bursting with excitement to see our 50 guests walk up the hill, ready to celebrate craftsmanship and spend hours chatting and feasting in such a stunning natural setting.

In the early afternoon, guests arrived at our appetizer area, where they were welcomed with delicious small bites and a divine cocktail. After a brief introduction to the surroundings, we moved to the table to enjoy five courses of incredible pairings.

Chef Fernando’s team did an impeccable job at making guests feel taken care of every step of the way with beautifully choreographed and warm table side service. The first course made its way to the table. Quite a surprise for every guest: dessert! Ice cream, caramel, nuts, sauce and chili were paired with a Roca Patrón Añejo, tamarind syrup, cardamaro, sparkling wine, and soda cocktail. Everyone was happy they didn’t have to wait for dessert!

The food and beverage menu had been months in the making, some of the most adventurous dishes and pairings ever! Chef Fernando served grasshopper taquitos as part of the lineup, and Carla did an amazing job crafting cocktails that, not only paired exquisitely with every dish, but took us from a refreshing Roca Patron Silver, watermelon, lime juice, agave drink when the sun was up, to a sweeter, heavier cocktail towards the end of the night, when temperatures dropped significantly and guests were taking turns warming up by the fire.  

With full bellies and happy hearts, we toasted to a beautiful night under the stars, among new friends. Slowly, guests made their way to the bottom of the hill and took off to the city, where a different kind of magic always awaits.

Secret Supper - Roca Patrón Series

Last fall we created a series of dinners in partnership with Roca Patrón, to bring our intentional dining experiences to new and exciting places. In doing so, we proudly supported sustainable agriculture, a cause we strongly believe in.

Rooted in sustainability and craftsmanship, the Secret Supper-Roca Patrón Series incorporated our known and loved communal dinners and Patrón’s artisanal time-honored “tahona” made tequila, Roca Patrón.

With similar brand ethos and sustainability at the forefront, Patrón is dedicated to limiting the environmental impact of their tequila production and holds sustainable practices in the highest regard.  The best part of it all? 100% of proceeds from ticket sales benefited the Savory Institute, an organization that works on the large scale regeneration of the world’s grasslands to address desertification, climate change, and food and water insecurity


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