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Our nearly five-month adventure creating inspiring dining experiences in partnership with Patrón Tequila started back in early July. Full of anticipation, our team visited Hacienda Patrón–Patrón’s distillery in Jalisco–to learn about the tequila making process. Fast forward a few months, we were wrapping up the Series that allowed us to take our mission of intentional dining to amazing people in new and exciting places this fall.  

Guests from Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, traveled to the Highlands of Jalisco–the place where we had come to know the incredibly dedicated people that help handcraft Patrón tequila, from harvest to bottling and beyond–to join us for a very unique experience on the wrap up of the Secret Supper-Roca Patrón Series.

The day of the Supper,  guests made their way from Guadalajara to Hacienda Patrón to learn first-hand what makes Roca Patrón an exquisite tequila, as our team worked on bringing all the elements for the evening together. We made sure that all the statement pieces on the table were designed and made in México. Allium–a floral studio from Mexico City–created a sublime installation in the middle of the field and our tablescape was packed with a collection of texture-rich pieces like artisan Hilario Alejos Madrigal’s stunning candelabras.  

We were thrilled to partner with the extra talented and hospitable team at Casona Patrón to offer our guests a culinary experience for the books. Chef Daniel Nuñez, mixologist Oskar Llamas and their teams set up a spectacular outdoor kitchen and bar and, in no time, they were ready to welcome everyone to the feast of feasts!

Guests arrived in the early afternoon and were greeted with a Treasure Margarita featuring Roca Patrón Silver, the perfect pairing for the small bites that included consomé de birria, duck confit sopes, and beef fillet skewers. Shortly, a jimador demonstrated the harvesting of agave, as enthusiastic guests asked questions about the process. Once chef Daniel and mixologist Oskar introduced guests to the menu, everyone walked down to the dining table that overlooked the massive agave field, offering a breathtaking view of the highlands.

Not long after everyone made it to the table, the second cocktail of the evening was poured. Los Altos Sur–a mix of Roca Patrón Reposado, poblano liquor, orange juice, lemon, cilantro syrup, and pepper–to pair with a seasonal salad. Throughout the evening, guests enjoyed claypot grilled pork belly confit, escamoles, grasshoppers, and homemade turkey mole, among other delicacies of local cuisine.

As the team served an incredible pan de elote con rompope and a capirotada de picón, paired with a Roca Patrón Reposado cocktail for dessert, sparkling raindrops started falling down out of nowhere and–once we all realized the rain was not receding–everyone took cover under the trees, warming up by the fire. Covered in ponchos, sipping café de olla and tequila, we watched the rain fall magically on the vast field. The evening came to an end and, gradually, everyone boarded the bus back to the city. Happy faces, laughter, and chatter reassured us that guests were– despite the rain–still very much enjoying every last bit of the evening.

Our return to the Highlands of Jalisco was everything we dreamed of, and then some! An epitome of intentional living and the perfect finale to a Series that made our soul joyful.

Secret Supper - Roca Patrón Series

Last fall we created a series of dinners in partnership with Roca Patrón, to bring our intentional dining experiences to new and exciting places. In doing so, we proudly supported sustainable agriculture, a cause we strongly believe in.

Rooted in sustainability and craftsmanship, the Secret Supper-Roca Patrón Series  incorporated our known and loved communal dinners and Patrón’s artisanal time-honored “tahona” made tequila, Roca Patrón.

With similar brand ethos and sustainability at the forefront, Patrón is dedicated to limiting the environmental impact of their tequila production and holds sustainable practices in the highest regard.  The best part of it all? 100% of proceeds from ticket sales benefited the Savory Institute, an organization that works on the large scale regeneration of the world’s grasslands to address desertification, climate change, and food and water insecurity.


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