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It felt so good to be back in California for the fourth dinner of the Secret Supper-Roca Patrón Series, after all, we are biased to the West Coast!

The day before the Supper, after doing a site visit at Living Farm Circle to confirm the layout for the big evening, we went on a short road trip to Watsonville in search of fresh eucalyptus and olive branches. Then we hit the farmers market to find fresh goods for our tablescape. Later that evening, we gathered at a small, Italian restaurant in Carmel Valley where we enjoyed a family style meal and toasted to the amazingly chaotic day to come.

In the early morning, we drove the winding road up to Tularcitos Ridge, at the very top of the hill, where a farm was about to become the perfect space to dine in nature. When we set our eyes on Monterey, we knew we wanted to go in the opposite direction of the–probably highly expected–California coast. We were excited when we found this incredible area that was so close to the ocean, but still felt so remote!

We set the table up in the valley which featured vast views of the rolling hills and it was impressive to think that just on the other side, Big Sur unfolded. As we were setting the table, chef Nelson German from alaMar and his team arrived at the location. From the moment they started their kitchen setup, we were in awe of chef Nelson’s ability to lead his team in such a soothing manner as they prepared for service.

Many hikes up and down the hill later, the time to welcome our guests came and after the short trek to the cocktail area, they were greeted with a fun and refreshing cocktail by incredible mixologist, Robin Wolf.  The three different expressions of Roca Patrón–Silver, Reposado, and Añejo–were mixed impeccably with Mexican lager and other fresh ingredients from the bounty of California. Chef Nelson served coconut shrimp, bacalao, and mussels, a delicious trio of seafood that was only the start of a wonderful feast!

After a brief introduction to the evening, guests made their way to a dining table full of farmers market finds that included several types of juicy dates, figs, and plums! As the sun set slowly, giving way to a gorgeous purple-tainted sky, Dungeness crab followed by grilled prawns and Gulf lobster all made an appearance at the table in the form of unique and comforting dishes paired thoughtfully with Roca Patrón cocktails. A mouthwatering coconut banana pudding and a cocktail featuring Roca Patrón Añejo and Patrón XO Café for dessert was the perfect way to end the dining experience.

Amidst live guitar, chatter, and laughter the evening came to a close. Although this Supper definitely came with some logistical challenges, the perfect views from Tularcitos Ridge and the feeling of seclusion were definitely worth it. We loved every moment of our return to California; we will never tire of reveling in its bounty and admiring its beauty!

Secret Supper - Roca Patrón Series

Last fall we created a series of dinners in partnership with Roca Patrón, to bring our intentional dining experiences to new and exciting places. In doing so, we proudly supported sustainable agriculture, a cause we strongly believe in.

Rooted in sustainability and craftsmanship, the Secret Supper-Roca Patrón Series  incorporated our known and loved communal dinners and Patrón’s artisanal time-honored “tahona” made tequila, Roca Patrón.

With similar brand ethos and sustainability at the forefront, Patrón is dedicated to limiting the environmental impact of their tequila production and holds sustainable practices in the highest regard.  The best part of it all? 100% of proceeds from ticket sales benefited the Savory Institute, an organization that works on the large scale regeneration of the world’s grasslands to address desertification, climate change, and food and water insecurity.


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