It was lovely to end our regular Supper Series in our home state, in Tillamook, Oregon. We were settled in an open field, on a hydrangea farm at Oregon Coastal Flowers. It was a perfect, peaceful setting within the small valley and the forested hills.

The appetizer area was nestled among rows of unique varieties of hydrangeas, all colors and styles that looked like paper flowers came to life. Clusters of purple and blue hues welcomed our guests to an evening of exquisite company with new and old friends.

Mona and Jaret of Tournant–our partner chefs for the evening—served freshly shucked oysters from Nevør Shellfish farm; a neighbor from just down the road. While, the delightful and charming Melissa and Greg, of Suzor Wines, poured a new unreleased natural sparkling wine from their winery.

It was an absolute treat to have Melissa and Greg at the table to share Suzor Wine’s story and their own. Their passion and love for making and sharing wine is a delight! Their different wines paired beautifully with the meal that followed.

The playful meal with ‘lobster rolls’ as the first course—steamed lobster mushrooms replaced the traditional crustacean as the star of this dish, yet, they still smell like the sea and have the bright red color of their salt water counterparts!

To further celebrate the proximity to the sea, a corn and Dungeness crab risotto, topped with colorful edible flowers to add freshness and texture, brought creamy, sweet and rich flavors in every bite.

A halibut that cooked throughout the evening—completely salt cocooned, sandwiched in the center of a constructed oven with open fires on two layers—was cracked and revealed in time for the main course, alongside local mussels in a stew with a variety of nightshades at the peak of their season.

As we served dessert, the sun set over the hills surrounding us and the sky lit into colors that matched the flowers around us. Many of the conversations lasted well into the evening as people lingered and talked over candlelight, fostering what will be lasting friendships and cherished memories.

Partners: Oregon Coastal Flowers, Tournant, Suzor Wines


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