Cordova was truly beyond our dreams! A town of less than 3,000 people, only accessible by plane or ferry, surely presented us with challenges—more than we anticipated—nothing should be taken for granted in a place like Cordova.

After a couple of really hectic days—and getting what seemed like the entire town involved in our dinner—we managed to overcome the challenges thrown at us by the remoteness of the location and regain the built-up excitement we had for this Supper. After all, we had only been waiting for it since the start of the year! The day prior to the Supper, as we stood teary-eyed, on a boat anchored at the marina—among locals living the fishing town life to the fullest—we knew we were in the midst of something special. We left the docks recharged and deeply connected to the strong sense of place you experience in Cordova, ready to bring a special dining experience to life for Alaskans and out of state guests alike.

On mile 36 of the Copper River Highway, at the very end of the dirt road, we set a table for 40. Once every detail was taken care of, it all seemed to fall into place—with a lot of help from our new friends, at Copper River Salmon—we were ready for a night to remember.

Our truly adventurous guests ventured the unpaved road in rented cars for nearly an hour, with no phone service, literally driving themselves to the unknown. Cordova’s challenges required extra communication with our guests and when they arrived, we felt like we knew them, like it was all a big family reunion. Pure magic!

As the evening progressed, Chef Zoi Antonitsas delighted the table with a seafood-focused menu—from herring butter to grilled Copper River king salmon, her incredible charm, and her love for Cordova. Every single dish on the menu was an homage to the sea and the land, to the fisherman, and the hard work of every person involved in the process of bringing it to the table. We couldn’t have had a better chef for this Supper!

Among wine pours, delectable food, and contagious laughter, our Supper on the banks of the Copper River gave us a sense of community like no other. We often say it takes a village and what a village we had in Cordova! We will never forget the tremendous warmth and support we encountered when hosting our northernmost Supper.


To Start

Smoked Alaskan Herring Butter, Radish, Toasts


Local Oysters

w/juniper mignonette


Copper River Sockeye Tartare,

Sea buckthorn, cucumber, chili


Alaska spot prawn risotto, vegetable ash


Grilled Copper River King Salmon,

Pacific coast mushrooms,

Onions agrodolce, hazelnut picada


Dinah’s Cheese, Smoked Honey, Grilled Bread

We are so grateful for Copper River Salmon’s support in bringing this Supper to Cordova, their ongoing efforts made it possible for us to host such an incredible communal dinner.

Alaska Airlines brought us—and the two lucky winners of our giveaway—all the way from Portland to the remote town of Cordova. We love having Alaska Airlines as the official partner of our Supper Series 2019!

Alaska Airlines, Copper River Salmon, Chef Zoi Antonitsas


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