APRIL 2017

We took a celebratory leap forward into spring and the bounty of fresh vibrant food that it contains. We were surrounded by the natural beauty of the season, taking it all in with all of our senses. The brightness of the local harvest and the energy of spring came through in every course. We spent the most beautiful evening tucked away at a outdoor table and welcomed the return of light and all the deliciousness that comes along with it.




Braised Endives

creme fraiche, fennel chimichurri, pistachios, edible flowers

Sauteed dates

Rose sea salt, Vermont Creamery Aged Goat Cheese



Tender Leaves + Shoots

Feta, Easter Egg radishes, sugar snap peas, pickled rhubarb, sunflower seeds + mint



Braised Leeks + Grilled Asparagus

walnut nettle pesto, preserved lemon vinaigrette + salt-cured egg yolk



Green Garlic Ricotta Gnudi  

Rabbit Sugo, Morel Mushrooms,  Sweet Peas + Carrots



Rhubarb Chevron Upside-Down Cake with jasmine syrup


Mt. View Orchards | Secret Location + Hard Cider

Tournant | Chef Services

Foods in Season | Morel Mushrooms and fresh produce 

Willamette Valley Vineyards | Pinot Blanc, Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Noir

House Spirits | Katun Rum

Crate + Barrel | Tableware 

Nicky's Meats | Rabbit

Vermont Creamery | Butter and various cheeses

Amy Rochelle Press | Custom Menus

Marion Acres | Pasture Raised Eggs