Launching Secret Supper's Blog on Intentional Living Experiences

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Hello, friends! Danielle and Eva here—nearly three years ago, we started hosting small dinners at friends’ properties (thank you Andrea Bemis for opening your beautiful farm to us, back in 2015!) simply because we wanted to bring people together around a table full of delicious food, great wine, and endless conversation. Inspired by the lasting friendships made at our table, we carried on hosting Suppers in the Pacific Northwest, Utah, California, and soon in New York! We wanted to bring these slow-paced dining experiences to as many people as possible, to help them discover the magic of gathering with no agenda, other than to share a feast with new-found friends.

Three years in, the underlying force behind Secret Supper is the same: creating intentional living experiences to foster deep connections. We feel so lucky to have the ongoing support of our guests and partners at each gathering. Our suppers sell out months in advance and we really wish we could host many more, all throughout the world—we’ll get to you one day, we promise!

In the meantime, we are taking every opportunity to inspire you to gather intentionally and explore your surroundings. We want to give you reasons and resources to savor good food, enjoy great wine, and appreciate a dreamy table.  We’d love to help you create spaces that inspire you and inspire others.

We are excited to launch our blog, which our dear friend Alba will also be contributing to (thanks Alba, you’re the best!!), and provide you with hosting tips, travel guides, and insights that will help you create one of a kind experiences.

Sign up for our blog updates, keep an eye on our Instagram feed, join one of our classes, and stay connected! We can’t wait for you to pull up a seat

With love,

Secret Supper team

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